The Financial Effects of Ignoring Your Pet’s Medical Issues

The American Animal Hospital Association recently reported that the number of veterinary visits in the US increased slightly in 2022, after seeing a decrease in 2021. For many, it begs the question: is this good news or bad?

Animal advocate groups might argue it’s a positive sign – more people are willing and able to treat their pets when needed. But it could also mean that the number of injured and diseased pets is increasing, which is good news for no group at all.

The survey failed to touch on the number of families who don’t visit the vet each year: the cash-strapped households with a sick dog, cat or horse that avoid seeking medical treatment because of financial reasons.

Though it’s a sad story, it’s not an uncommon one. Communities with high unemployment rates and few affordable pet care options are often full of just such households. The financial consequences of ignoring your pet’s health are real, and they are outweighed only by the most severe of consequences: death.

Fortunately, pet owners with limited financial options can turn to a short-term loan when necessary. But before borrowing money, consider fixing the problem rather than the symptoms.
Waiting Could Increase Your Vet Bills

Pets are similar to cars: let a problem go on long enough and the whole fiasco will eventually need fixing. Avoid higher bills in the future by taking care of smaller health problems as soon as they arise. Putting your pet’s long-term health in jeopardy also poses a risk to your finances, and both are difficult to recover from without some level of rehabilitation.

Waiting could also force your pet to take medication or treatments that could be costly and necessary for months or years. Monthly medical bills to maintain your pet’s health – along with food and shelter – can be added to the category of essential finances. Timely medical treatment can keep your costs to a one-time bill rather than a monthly expense. The best ways to take care of your pet include:

Preventative care like frequent checkups, shots and basic medical care
Looking for medical program in your area that specialize in low-cost pet care
Providing your pet with a healthy diet and ample exercise

One could argue the case that there is only one financial implication of ignoring your pet’s medical needs: more money. In the end, remember that financial problems are often far less important than medical concerns. While you can get a payday loan to pay for vet treatments, no amount of money can replace your four-legged loved ones.

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